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Our last news letter covered our annual rebuilding summer camp which was a great success following 2014’s canceled summer camp due to the brutal attack on Gaza and concern over safety. In summer 2016 we will rebuild another home demolished by the authorities which will again bring together internationals, Palestinians, and Israelis to share and learn about the occupation of Palestine and to rebuild a family’s home. For more information on the summer camp in 2016 please contact –

Jeff Halper has headed ICAHD for most of the 18 years since he helped found the organization together with other Israeli activists from a variety of peace groups. Over that time he has endeavored to end the Occupation, promote the rights of Palestinians and formulate how a just peace would look, be it through articles and books (Obstacles to Peace, An Israeli in Palestine, War Against the People), films (Occupation 101, The Iron Wall, Apartheid Israel and others), conferences and extensive speaking tours throughout the world – as well resistance on the ground (helping in both the funding and building of 189 Palestinian homes, participating in the Free Gaza flotilla that broke the siege of Gaza in 2008, and many other acts of civil disobedience).

ICAHD has been and will remain a primary vehicle for his and others’ effective resistance and peace-building. Jeff has decided, however, to step down as Director so as to let a new generation take the helm and enable the ICAHD chapters abroad to pursue their collective and individual agendas. In a sense ICAHD is evolving from an Israeli-based organization to a more global one acting as a collective of strong organizational branches.

Jeff has accepted the role of Co-Founder and will continue to provide leadership and analysis for the “global ICAHD,” while representing the organizations in speaking tours abroad. He will shift the focus of his efforts, however, to The People Yes! Network (TPYN), an organization he helped found that is dedicated to fostering more effective campaigning among grassroots groups the world over. We wish Jeff the best in his new endeavor.

Ruth Edmonds, who for the past four years has been ICAHD’s tour coordinator and administrator, will take over as Acting Director. Ruth plans to strengthen ICAHD’s grassroots resistance to Occupation, complementing Jeff’s international focus, and will continue to lead the tour program. She will also work with the chapters on the Judaization campaign and will help guide ICAHD’s future development.

Ruth Edmonds speaking in the UK (2015)