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ICAHD to Dr. Gregor Gysi and Die Linke – Please do not Support Israel’s Apartheid!

Dear Dr. Gysi, Dear members and supporters of Die Linke,


We are Israeli citizens, active against our government’s policies of occupation, colonialism and Apartheid. We have been active for human rights and peace for many years within our society. Prior to Dr. Gregor Gysi’s visit to Israel, we would like to clarify that his positions on the aforementioned issues have been incompatible with principles of justice and equality.  


he Government of Israel is shamelessly expelling Palestinians from their land, not just in the occupied West Bank but also inside Israel’s 67 borders, for example, as part of the Prawer plan for the Negev area. The Israeli economy exploits Palestinian workers, including children who are working in dangerous conditions for slave-like wages, instead of going to school. Israel is detaining numerous Palestinians without trial. Children are arrested in the middle of the night, and are subjected to interrogations in which they may even be tortured.


Die Linke is a significant political party in a rich and influential country. German governments have been consistently complicit in the crimes committed by Israeli governments against the Palestinian people, through financial and diplomatic support of our government and through actions all aimed at shielding it from criticism. We welcome the visible change in German public opinion, and the growing willingness to discuss the ongoing crimes committed by the Israeli government. We also welcome decisions by some German companies, such as Deutsche Bahn, not to take part in these crimes.


Unfortunately, some elements of Die Linke and its leadership support these Israeli policies. Firstly, they have support the so-called “peace process”, aimed at reaching a “two state solution”, which has collapsed. The process was based on lies and corruption, and we must now face reality and come up with new solutions. Members of our group have diverse views on this matter, but we strongly reject the position of the federal body of Die Linke that calling for a single democratic state solution is anti-Semitic. On the contrary, such calls are egalitarian by nature, as opposed to the ethnic-supremacist nature of the current Israeli regime.  

Moreover, we strongly believe the German Left should support the global campaign of BDS, led by Palestinian civil society. This is a non-violent, democratic and moral tool to counter Israel’s anti-democratic and violent actions. It has been proven time and time again that without international pressure, our government simply continues its systematic, brutal violations of human rights and international law.

At this time, we expect and call on the German Left, especially its leadership, to lead the struggle for justice in Israel and Palestine. This requires taking a firm stand against Israel’s policies and expressing solidarity with the global, democratic non-violent campaign a
gainst these policies. Furthermore, we expect and call on the German Left to take a firm stand against the German government’s complicity in Israeli policies, especially its diplomatic protection of Israel from well-justified international resolutions against its policies.


 Members and supporters of The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions – ICAHD