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New ICAHD film has been prepared in two versions – Spanish and English – by Pablo Moran, from Ecuador, who visited ICAHD’s rebuilding camp in August 2013.Despite it being Pablo’s first time in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, he managed to capture the essence of the camp that was based at Beit Arabiya in Anata, near Jerusalem.

The twenty-four minute film begins with a brief summary of Israel’s occupation over the Palestinian people which sets the scene for the purpose of ICAHD’s rebuilding camps which have happened on an annual basis since 2003. Internationals at the camp are interviewed and explain why they chose to participate in the ICAHD programme that offers rebuilding work and an educational aspect that includes speakers, films and field trips. The new film also highlights information about the extended study tours that ICAHD provides as an additional way for internationals to gain political analysis and understanding of the realities on the ground.

In the film, Salim Shawamreh, whose family has experienced six house demolitions, tells something of his story and then he explains that he wants the separation walls to fall because it doesn’t protect anyone and he states that only justice and peace can protect all people from both sides.

ICAHD’s next rebuilding camp will be held between 3 – 18 August and it seeks 30 internationals to share in this powerful experience of non-violent resistance to the Occupation as it rebuilds its 188th Palestinian home. To learn more about the camp and to apply for a place, click here

If you would like to support ICAHD’s ongoing work in Jerusalem so that it can provide information and analysis about Israel’s violations of international law including its demolition policy which has resulted in over 28,000 Palestinian homes being demolished since 1967, please send your donation to ICAHD’s PayPal account here


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