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After a week in New Zealand speaking in Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland and meeting activists and political figures (see here), Jeff has left for Canberra, Australia. There he will be a keynote speaker at a conference entitled “Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” held at the Australian National University. Jeff intends to address two political developments in the Occupied Territories not covered by the Fourth Geneva Convention or other human rights covenants: Israel’s declared and systematic “judaization” of Palestine, and its intention to render the Occupation permanent through “warehousing,” or imprisoning, the Palestinians in tiny enclaves of the country (Areas A & B, pockets of East Jerusalem, small areas within Israel itself – townships for the Bedouin of the Negev) and, of course, the cage that is the dying land and people of Gaza. Unless the international community goes beyond human rights – the implementation of which is negligible – to address the oppressive political reality Israel is imposing on the Palestinians, a genuine peace based on justice cannot be obtained.


At the end of the week Jeff will keynote the annual meeting of APAN, the Australian-Palestine Advocacy Network, before leaving for additional engagements in Sydney and Melbourne. 


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Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

On the 11th and 12th September 2013 The Australian National University will host a groundbreaking conference on Palestinian human rights.
The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories has impacted both the civil and political rights (CPR) and economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) of Palestinians. Yet in line with the broader marginalisation of ESCR within the international human rights field, very little of the literature on the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories addresses issues specifically from the ESCR framework.
The impact of the occupation on Palestinian ESCRs has been considerable: including restrictions on movement (as a result of the ‘Security/Separation Wall’, checkpoints, curfews  and closure policies) and the resultant impact on the Rights to Education and Health; de-institutionalisation of the Palestinian economy; expropriation of Palestinian land and resources (including water); forced evictions and house demolitions; and destruction of land and property.
This conference will be a world first by bringing leading international experts together to discuss ESCRs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). Over the two days, panels of these experts will address the following issues within the OPT:

  • The Right to Health (including access to adequate medical services and treatment)
  • The Right to Education
  • The Right to Adequate Water and Food Security
  • The Right to Adequate Housing (including issues around house demolitions)
  • The Right to Work

The conference will examine these issues through focusing on:

  • Human rights obligations enshrined in international law
  • Duty-holders of these obligations (including the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority)
  • Evidence of violations
  • Mechanisms for complaints and other forms of remedy for violations
  • Practical steps for implementing and monitoring ESCRs