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Just two days after the 6th demolition of Beit Arabiya, owned by Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh, internationals arrived to participate in ICAHD’s extended study tour that took as its theme “International Law: Its Success and Failure in the OPT”. Participants from the UK, the USA and Canada were amongst the first to meet with Salim and Arabiya and to walk amongst the ruins. A tent had been erected to host the delegation and will continue to be used for visitors to the site.


Tour participants with Dr. Jeff Halper, Greater Jerusalem Tour

In addition to briefings provided by a range of organisations (including Al-Haq, Badil, Diakonia, UNOHCHR, and UNOCHA), the tour participants had field trips to different regions in both the Occupied Palestinian Territory and within Israel itself. “I came a week early to participate in the olive harvest and am so glad that I remained to do the study tour because without having the opportunity to see the situation on both sides of the divide and to hear more in-depth analysis, my understanding of the realities would be far more incomplete.” remarked Dr. T Thomas, London.


Jordan Valley Tour with Itay Epshtain