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Join ICAHD UK at the Autumn Conference on Saturday 13th October and welcome Itay Epshtain, ICAHD Co-Director, to the UK and get to know him. Failing this, there is an opportunity to hear him speak at a public meeting arranged by Amnesty International.

Itay has been with ICAHD for the last eighteen months and spearheads ICAHD’s strategic human rights litigation efforts, and serves as a point of contact to governments, intergovernmental organizations, and international non-governmental organizations. He is ICAHD’s representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva has appeared before numerous UN bodies, advocating for human rights, justice and peace. Prior to joining ICAHD he served as the Executive Director of Amnesty International Israel Section. Itay is a graduate of the Kennedy School of Government Harvard University, and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Environmental Law.

ICAHD UK Autumn Conference is open to all and is being held in Leeds on Saturday 13th October. There will be an additional opportunity to hear Itay when he is hosted by Amnesty International at New Inn Yard, London, at 7pm on Tuesday 16th October. More information avilable here...