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On Saturday, 15th February thousands of Israeli Jews and Arabs demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the impending US war of aggression against Iraq. The rally and march was coordinated with organizations world wide as part of the international day of protest against the war in which tens of millions of people participated worldwide. 



ICAHD supplied 3,000 bright red ‘NO WAR’ stickers which volunteers handed out to the crowd. There were numerous banners and placards decrying the imminant war and the war against the Palestinian people. After assembling at the Cinemateque the people marched to a plaza behind the Tel Aviv Opera House where speakers from the sponsoring groups addressed the crowd. The slogan ‘Bush, Blair and Sharon are the True Axis of Evil’ was loudly heard in addition to chants against the Occupation of Palestinian lands. 


As Israelis, Americans, and others bunker down to prepare for the war and its aftermath, a strong message has been sent from Tel Aviv and around the world to all warmongering leaders. The people have spoken with a resounding ‘NO” to war, and ‘YES” to continued diplomacy to avert the looming catastrophy. 


A joint Palestinian Israeli petition was read at the demonstration: 

“No to the war against Iraq! End the Israeli occupation! For a life of just peace in the Middle East! We, Israelis and Palestinians, are opposed to this war. This is not a war for the sake of security or justice, but rather a war for power, hegemony, control and greed. We are determined that security and freedom for the sake of all the people of the Middle East will not be achieved by war, violence and death.” 


Participating organizations include : 
Balad, Gush Shalom, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Hadash, Yesh Gvul, Black 
Laundry, Mada, Taayush-Arab Jewish Partnership, The Alternative Information Center, 
Coalition of Women for Peace: Bat Shalom, Machsom Watch, Noga-Feminist Journal, Nalad,
Women in Black, New Profile, Tandi, WILP and Fifth Mother.