Posted on 6th August 2012, by & filed under ICAHD Staff, IDF, Refuseniks.

Yesterday ICAHD participated in a Yesh Gvul activity for the International Day Against the War in Lebanon & Gaza. Thus far there have been five Israeli soldiers who refused to fight in the war on principled grounds. Four of them are currently imprisoned at Prison 6 in Atlit. Yesh Gvul organized an action in support of the refusniks to take place on a hillside across from the prison. Speakers and musicians, amplified by a sound system that guaranteed we’d be heard inside the jail, combined to send a message against the war in Lebanon and the Occupation. Amir Pasteur, Itamar Shapira, A.A. and Y.D. received a statement of support for their refusal to allow malignant nationalist efforts undermine their own consciences. They are sitting in jail for refusing to give themselves as weapons of war, a decision ICAHD fully supports. They indeed remind us that there is a limit. 


It is vital that we support these men and this movement. It is groups like New ProfileYesh Gvul, and others that are working to oppose the rampant militarization of Israel’s society, diplomacy and economy. Please write letters of support to them at: 


[Soldiers Name] 
Prison 6 
Military Post 01860