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A coalition of Israeli organizations announced a joint, Israeli-Palestinian activity, to rebuild homes that were demolished by the military in the South hills of Hebron, during the weekend of March 9-10.





It appears that the State of Israel is now determined to act on its policy of destroying the Palestinian villages in the south hills of Hebron. Recently, as reported in the Israel newspaper Haaretz , dozens of buildings were demolished by the IDF in 4 different locations: Quwais, M’neizel, Um el Cheir, and at the Cubeita family, near the settlement of Yatir. The majority of the demolished structures served as residential structures, bathroom facilities, and some served for agriculture. Despite that most buildings were temporary structures rather than permanent ones, the military still found it “necessary” to destroy them and along with them the lives of many families whose lives are already rather difficult. In addition, the residents of the village Jinba received during last week military order forms instructing the demolition of 20 more buildings. The majority of the structures set to be demolished are bathroom facilities. One of the orders given, provides an excellent example to the unusual cruelty of the Civil Administration – it instructs the demolition of a small bathroom facility within a cave used by one of the families. All this of course, is taking place alongside repeated promises made by the government of Israel, including the Minister of Defense and the ministerial committee dealing with the illegal outposts, regarding the evacuation of these outposts, especially the more violent ones. As you may know, from our previous visit to the area, these outposts are abound in the south hills of Hebron. Instead of law enforcement regarding these outposts, right now there is a building spree in all of the area settlements, especially in the settlement of Carmel. This is of course, in opposition to the demolition orders that the Palestinian neighbors receive.

Activists joining the rebuilding activity are asked to bring ID cards, Water and Food for the day, working closing and working equipment (Buckets, Gloves).

Please confirm your arrival in advance and contact one of the organizers below to confirm your participation.



8:15 Bell Garden. contact: Arik: 050-5607034 (Returning before Shabat)


Tel-Aviv: 8:00 Rakevet Zafon Terminal.

contact: Aviad: 077-9101942 , email Aviad 050-5814343:

Saturday morning only:

Jerusalem : 8:30, Bell Garden , contact: email Yehuda 050-4402350

Beer-Sheva : 9:00, University’s main gate (opposing Soroka Hospital). contact: Ilan: 052-6219624 email Ilan

The rebuilding activity is co-sponsored by:

Ta’ayush, ISM, Rabbis for Human Rights, The Israeli Committee against house demolitions, Gush-Shalom ,Coalition of Women for Peace, Machsom Watch, Yesh-Gvul, Shalom Achsav (Student’s organization in Beer-Sheva), Meretz (Student’s organization in Beer-Sheva).

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