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The IDF demolished the village of Al Farisyie yesterday in the Jordan Valley, destroying 74 structures and displacing 107 people. 

The mass demolition included 26 residential tents; 22 animal shelters; 7 taboun ovens; 8 kitchens; 10 bathrooms and a shed used to store agricultural equipment. As a result at least 107 people, including 52 children, lost their homes and belongings. Many families were not present during the demolition and consequently could not rescue their belongings before they were buried in the rubble. Additionally, at least 4 water tanks and large quantities of food and animal fodder were damaged or destroyed during the demolitions. 

In the community of Fasayile al Fuga, the IDF also demolished the home of a family of 9, including 7 children, one of them an infant of 10 months. 

The IDF handed out further “evacuation” and demolition orders in various parts of the West Bank this week, including in the community of Bardala. 

The concentration of demolitions in the Jordan Valley is a continuation of Israel’s policy to strangle Palestinian communities in the area via house demolitions, land expropriation, and appropriation of water resources, collectively aimed at annexing the valley into Israel. Last year, the IDF intensified its campaign against Palestinian communities in the northern Jordan Valley, declaring large areas Closed Military Zones and issuing evacuation orders against entire villages. 

Inline with recent statements, the IDF has stepped up its campaign of house demolitions generally in Area C this year. Atleast 198 Palestinian structures have been demolished across the West Bank since the beginning of the year, resulting in the forced displacement of almost 300 people, half of them children. 

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