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In the community of Al Lubban Al Gharbi in the north-western Ramallah Governorate Israeli authorities demolished 10 structures belonging to 8 Palestinian families (80 people, including 38 children). According to OCHA this included 2 homes; 6 barracks and 1 tent used for various livelihood-related purposes; as well as the foundation of a house under construction. The 2 homes that were demolished were not yet inhabited but nearly completed, which means that the affected families have lost their entire investment as well as their future home. In addition, the demolition of the barracks and the destruction of related equipment has devastated the livelihood of those affected. Five people, including a 75-year old woman, were injured in the course of the demolition and had to seek medical assistance. 


In the Al Baq’a Valley east of Hebron city Israeli authorities demolished a water pool and confiscated irrigation pipes which were used to bring water to a plot of land of around 6 dunum. A family of 17 people, including 14 children, which relies on the land as a source of livelihood, has been affected as a result. Three of them were also injured in the course of the demolition.


On the outskirts of Hebron city Israeli authorities demolished an extension to a house as well as barracks used to shelter animals. The demolition affected a family of 9 people, including 7 children.

Israel generally justifies the demolition of Palestinian houses due to the lack of building permits. It is however virtually impossible for Palestinians to obtain building permits, as more than 70% of the land in Area C is completely unavailable for Palestinians, while various restrictions apply in the remaining 30%. In fact, only around 1% of the land in Area C is available for Palestinian construction.


In a recent statement by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the increase of Palestinian structures in Area C was publicly announced. At the same time we have also witnessed in recent months a surge of demolitions of Palestinian structures in East Jerusalem. So far the total of demolished structures this year reaches 229, with at least 174 Palestinians, including 125 children, displaced as a result of Israel’s discriminatory policy against Palestinian people.