Posted on 28th July 2012, by & filed under Demolitions, Home Demolitions, ICAHD Staff, South Hebron Hills.

Yesterday morning Bulldozers and large numbers of riot control police arrived to two villages in the Negev, Rahma & Kasfiya, and demolished a house in each of the villages. The demolitions were carried out as the houses were build without a permit, this although the Israeli government refuses to recognize the Bedouin villages in the Negev, and by demolishing them forces them to move to the big cities, and so the government can take over the land.


This morning there was an attempt to demolish the entire village of Dkike in the South Hebron Hills. 10 buildings were demolished including houses, toilets and part of a school. The demolitions stopped after a legal effort by lawyers working for ICAHD, an appeal was presented to the supreme court that was to freeze the demolitions, and so the lawyer is considering filling for compensation on the demolitions.