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This morning Thursday 5th August 2010 the Israeli Authorities in the Jordan valley demolished the village of Al Farisiya for the second time in two weeks. The villagers were able to rebuild some of the damage that was done on July 19th when 37 structures were demolished and 113 persons displaced.  This morning at 6:30am the army arrived in the village with two bulldozers and 13 jeeps to evacuate the villagers and destroy 37 structures during one hour. Of the 37 tents, 26 were sponsored by the ICRC and PA as emergency response to the first demolition, while 10 structures were saved during the first demolition but were demolished during today’s demolition. Two people claim to have been beaten with sticks but no serious injuries were reported. Water pipes connected by “Life Source” two weeks ago are apparently still in tact. Today’s demolition of 37 housing units has left an estimated 114 people homeless, of which 92 people were effected again, while 22 people who were spared displacement first time around have now also lost their homes too. All of them have been evacuated to a nearby village.  The livestock has not been confiscated and is now in nearby Tubas. On Tuesday this week the army seized one of the village’s tractors.


A day before the demolition took place for the second time, the UN World Food Program (WFP) as well as UNRWA delivered the village with fresh food products.

For more information about the first demolition that took place a fortnight ago please click here.