Posted on 28th July 2012, by & filed under Civil administration, Demolitions, East Jerusalem, Home Demolitions, Jordan Valley.

The Jerusalem Municipality demolished 4 structures across East Jerusalem yesterday. A home and a print workshop were demolished in Isawiya, sparking conflict with local youth and closure of the neighborhood for several hours. The home was incomplete and intended to house a family of 8. The Municipality demolished another, uninhabited home in Ras Khamees and the top storey of a home in Sheikh Jarrah, housing 5.

The Civil Administration continued demolitions in the Jordan Valley again today, demolishing animal shelters and fencing early this morning. Two of the three Palestinians arrested during the demolitions Thursday last week in the Jordan Valley are still in custody, and should be released only this evening.

35 demolition orders were also issued against residents in the village of Kibya, in the Ramallah district, late last week.

These events follow from the wave of demolitions across East Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and South Hebron last week.