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August 3rd 2010, the IDF demolished water infrastructures including a cistern in Jabal Joher and Bani Na’im, both in the Hebron Governorate


On August 4th, 2010  the IDF demolished 2 Palestinian structures, in Azzun Atma/Qualqylia Governorate both of which were used for livelihood-related purposes. The demolition affects the livelihood of a family of 3 people. 


Today, August 9th the IDF demolished two residential structures in the Northen Jordan Valley area of Ein al-Hilwe, located South of Al Farisyie. Both families were displaced, including 13 children. In 2009 ten structures were demolished in that area. According to the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign the Israeli Army handed out 2 new demolition orders to the community after the demolition occurred today.


Over the last couple of weeks Israeli authorities carried out mass demolitions of entire villages in Al Farisyie in the Jordan Valley and al-Araqib in the Negev. Both villages were demolished twice after human rights activists helped to rebuild the villages. Please visit our news site to see reports for those particular demolitions.