Posted on 28th July 2012, by & filed under East Jerusalem, Eviction, ICAHD Staff, Settler Violence, Sheikh Jarrah.

Rioting settlers forced a Palestinian family from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah out of their home on Tuesday, after the district court denied the residents’ appeal to remain on the premises. 

Shortly after the verdict was passed – to the Hanun family’s surprise – dozens of settlers stormed their house with hired security guards, and demanded that they vacate immediately. 

The Palestinians who currently reside in the area were housed there as refugees by the United Nations after they fled western Jerusalem following the War of Independence in 1948. 

During the 1970s, a committee of Sephardic Jews claimed ownership of the land, according to papers which proved that they had purchased it from the Turks before the war. Recently the lawyer of the Palestinian families found that there is no record of the settler ownership in the Turkish archives and so it would seem there ownership papers were fake. 

This take over is the forth in less than a year in that neighborhood an is part of the settlers movement attempt to prevent the devision of Jerusalem and the two state solution.



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