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The Displacement Working Group reports that in the past week since December 5th, 20 structures were demolished and at least 61 people displaced and left homeless.


In total, 1,051 people have been displaced this year, compared to 606 for the whole of 2010. More than 539 structures including 199 homes have been demolished.


The following demolitions took place:


December 4th 

Silwan, Jerusalem: One Palestinian demolished his own home. The family of six had moved out of the house already in 2010 out of fear for a demolition, but faces difficulties paying the rent for the property it’s renting. The family is also paying significant fines to the Municipality.


December 5th

Azzun, Qalqiliya: demolition of a small office space.

Arab ar-Ramadin al-Janubi Qalqiliya: demolition of two residential structures belonging to Bedouin families, displacing 17 people, including 15 children. Due to the early hour of the demolitions, some of the children were still asleep in the homes. Most personal belongings have been lost.

Wadi Yasoul, Silwan, Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Municipality demolished one home, displacing nine people, including six children. The home was built some 10 years ago as an extension to a house built in the 1970s. This is the first significant demolition carried out by the Jerusalem Municipality since January 2011.

Beit Hanina, Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Municipality also demolished one caravan and concrete base, home to six people (four children). The most recent order had been received in 2007 and legal action had been taken.


December 6th

Al-Khalayleh, Jerusalem Area C: demolitions affected five families in this community. Two residential structures, three animal shelters, two commercial structures and one construction workshop were demolished, displacing 15 people and affecting 35 others. One of the houses and the three animal barracks did appear to have received written orders. The other house was partially self-demolished by the owner two months earlier after a visit from the Israeli Civil Administration; this family’s small shop was demolished earlier this year.


December 7th

Khan al-Ahmar Mihtawish, Jerusalem Area C: The Israeli Civil Administration demolished two residential barracks (3/3m2 each), which were rebuilt following the latest demolition in the community on 31 October 2011. Additionally, the two ICRC tents and two water tanks provided in response to the previous demolition were also confiscated. Twelve people (nine children) were displaced and some 21 others affected. The ICRC provided emergency housing, which has already been photographed by the Israeli Civil Administration.


December 12th

Beit Hanina, Jerusalem: Three structures were demolished in Beit Hanina today, including a house (displacing two people), a beauty parlor (affecting 13 people) and an extension to a home.

Al-Khalayleh: The Jahalin Bedouin group of al-Khalayleh (52 people) was warned that they need to self-demolish and that a demolition team will come tomorrow (13 December) at 9 AM. In total, some 10-12 residential structures and some five animal barracks.