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The Russell Tribunal on Palestine (an international citizen-based Tribunal of conscience created in response to the demands of civil society) found earlier this week, that Israel subjects the Palestinian people to an institutionalised regime of domination amounting to apartheid as defined under international law.


This discriminatory regime manifests in varying intensity and forms against different categories of Palestinians depending on their location. The Palestinians living under colonial military rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are subject to a particularly aggravated form of apartheid. Palestinian citizens of Israel, while entitled to vote, are not part of the Jewish nation as defined by Israeli law and are therefore excluded from the benefits of Jewish nationality and subject to systematic discrimination across the broad spectrum of recognised human rights.


Irrespective of such differences, the Tribunal concludes that Israel’s rule over the Palestinian people, wherever they reside, collectively amounts to a single integrated regime of apartheid.


ICAHD Co-Founder and Director, Dr. Jeff Halper, addressed the Tribunal and blamed the process of Judaisation of Palestine for the ethnic displacement of Palestinians. Halper said Judaisation referred to the Israel government’s treatment of Palestine as a Jewish country. He said that 26,000 homes in the Occupied Palestine Territory had since 1967 been demolished by the government. “In Israel we use the term apartheid to refer to the separation of Palestinians from Jews.”



Jurists listen to Jeff halper


To read Halper’s submission to the Russell Tribunal ‘House Demolitions, Apartheid and Israel’s Policy of Hafrada’ press here…


The Tribunal urged the state of Israel to immediately dismantle its system of apartheid over the Palestinian people, to rescind all discriminatory laws and practices, not to pass any further discriminatory legislation, and to cease forthwith acts of persecution against Palestinians.


The tribunal also called on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to accept jurisdiction as requested by the Palestinian authorities in 2009, and to initiate an investigation into international crimes committed in Palestinian territory.


The tribunal advised the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to address the issue of apartheid in its forthcoming review of Israel in February 2012. ICAHD will submit a parallel report to the Committee, and appear before its members, when it convenes in Geneva.


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