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Earlier today (Tuesday, May 15th) ICAHD submitted its statement to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) to convene in Geneva next month. ICAHD called the Council to reflect on the legality of prolonged Israeli occupation,  a possible new type of crime against humanity. 

The statement, authored by Adv. Emily Schaeffer from the Michael Sfard Law Office and ICAHD Co-Director Itay Epshtain provides information for consideration by the Human Rights Council in advance of its 20th Regular Session. The statement focuses on Israeli illegal policies and practices of property demolition and forcible transfer, and the impact of prolonged occupation. 

Epshtain will appear before the Council in Geneva in early July, to highlight Israel’s policies and practices in violation of international law, and to question the very legality of prolonged and indefinite occupation. ICAHD will provide the Council with pertinent information on the plight of Palestinians’ under the effective control of Israel. 

The statement concludes with a recommendation to the Human Rights Council to reflect on the legality of  prolonged Israeli occupation, which has outlived the armed conflict that spawned it by 45 years, and with no time limit in sight, and explore the possibility that prolonged and indefinite occupation has morphed into a new type of crime against humanity.

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