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ICAHD is launching new tours to the Jordan Valley, and welcome your participation. Our tours are based on engagement with local activists and the Palestinian community in the area, as well as on research conducted by ICAHD Co- Director, Itay Epshtain.

Having provided thousands of people from around the world with top-quality tours for over twelve years, ICAHD is known for its knowledgeable tour guides and multi-faceted approach to examining the complexities of life in East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. From meeting with Palestinian families suffering under Israeli policies of separation and home demolitions, to seeing the Israeli settlement project’s implementation on the ground, ICAHD prioritizes first-hand learning and encourages questions and debate.


Please find below an outline of what an ICAHD tour to the Jordan Valley involves:

Departing Jerusalem, we will precede our tour with a briefing about Israeli policy in the West Bank. Our tour begins at the Khan al-Ahmar Jahalin school. It is the only school to provide primary education to children of the Arab al-Jahalin Bedouin tribe. Built in 2009 by Italian NGO Vento Di Terra (Wind of Earth), the eco-friendly school, providing schooling for over 70 students, is slated for demolition. Visiting the school provides an opportunity to compare and contrast the living conditions of Bedouin residents of unrecognized villages in the area and Israeli settlers in the nearby settlement of Kfar Adomim.


From the Khan al-Ahmar school, we will continue to the Palestinian town of Al-Jiftlik (population: 4,500). There, we will speak to Palestinian residents whose homes and barns were illegally demolished to pave way for the neighboring Masua settlement expansion. These Palestinians live under the constant threat of demolition, forced eviction and encroachment by Israeli settlers, as do most Palestinians in the Jordan Valley.

We will then join Palestinian and international members of the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign for lunch. The house in which these dedicated activists live is made of mud bricks, and other environmentally sustainable materials. Members of this group will talk with us about the plight of Jordan Valley Palestinians, and solidarity work with the Palestinian community in the rebuilding efforts.

We will observe the al-Hamra checkpoint while learning about restrictions on Palestinian movement in the Jordan Valley. While driving to the area, tour participants will learn about the disproportionate amount of water given to agricultural, Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley compared to Palestinian residents and Palestinian communities in the area. Participants will also observe Israeli appropriation of Palestinian land by declaring it “closed military zones” and “nature reserves”.


As an optional last stop to our tour, we will visit Beit Arabyia Peace and Justice Center in Anata and talk with Salim Shawamreh, ICAHD Field-Coordinator about house demolitions in East Jerusalem.


The tour will last approximately six hours, including lunch at the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign House. 


We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to join us in one of our renowned tours and look forward to welcoming you to the Jordan Valley!


For more information and tour coordination, kindly contact:

Michael Salisbury

Tour Coordinator

            +972-2-624 5560       (Office)

            +972-50-775 0754       (Mobile)