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ICAHD Co-Director Itay Epshtain briefed the United Nations Special Committee on Israeli Practices convened in Amman Jordan earlier today (July 12 2012).


The Special Committee was established by UN General Assembly (GA) in1968 in order to monitor “respect for and implementation of human rights in occupied territories.” The Special Committee reports to the General Assembly on matters related to Israeli settlements, the applicability of international law and the Palestinian right to self-determination.  The committee comprises representatives of three member states appointed by the President of the GA.


ICAHD presented a statement focusing on illegal Israeli practices of demolition, displacement and land expropriation, and highlighted the impact of prolonged occupation on Palestinians rights to development and national self-determination.


ICAHD called Special Committee members to register grave concern with Israel’s continuing deplorable practices of house demolitions, land expropriation, and its adoption of policies resulting in inadequate housing and living conditions for Palestinians living under prolonged occupation. Moreover, the Special Committee was asked to commission a study on the adequacy of international humanitarian law to cover situations of prolonged occupation, and provide Israel and the international community with appropriate recommendations, and to recommend to the UN General Assembly to call for an ICJ Advisory Opinion that establishes a new normative paradigm of prolonged occupation; reinforces the alienable human rights of the Palestinian people to development and self-determination; and depicts the scope and magnitude of Israel’s illegal policies and practices in the OPT, beyond what are IHL breaches and what was referred to in the 2004 Advisory Opinion; and upholds the legal obligations of all states and international organizations to cooperate to end Israel’s breaches, and prolonged occupation.


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